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Fe Bandana Pictures

Who Are We?

  • Film & Reel

    Film & Reel

    Fe Bandana Pictures is a Los Angeles based independent film company developing original stories for a global audience to inspire and entertain.

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    Fe Bandana Pictures is currently seeking private investors for films in development.

    Find out how you can directly support our projects.

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    We need your support to create original and inspirational content.

    Plenty goes into making a movie and we share all of the details with you here.

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  • Meet Felicia

    Meet Felicia

    Since childhood Felicia has had a camera in her hands.

    She formed Fe Bandana Pictures to share authentic, true stories with moviegoers.

    Meet Felicia Burns

What We're Up To

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    If you’d like to set up a complimentary conversation with Felicia regarding Fe Bandana Pictures and current projects, we’re happy to help you!


    As professional storytellers, we create custom brand marketing films for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to share their story in a high quality film. We also assist with social media distribution. Learn more here.

  • THE JUNKIE: Feature Film Based on a True Story

    In 1960’s East Los Angeles, a young couple fights to overcome a life set for failure when heroin addiction overpowers their relationship. Learn more.

  • FE BANDANA: An All New Action-Comedy Animated TV Series!

    When a powerful bandana is placed in the hands of Fe Hierro by her gracious Abuelita, Fe is way in over her head. Meet the characters.

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